Bring A Touch Of The Coast To Your Home With Nautical-Inspired Décor And Accents

Bring a breath of fresh air to your home's décor with some nautical-inspired accents. These will provide a clever conversation piece and give your home coastal flavor.

Some ways to bring a nautical touch to your décor include:

Feast guests' eyes on a focal point. Use an embroidered scene of the ocean, beach, or surf as the focal point of the room. Place this artwork in a prominent place that sets the tone for the entire room.

Decorate with maritime flags. Sometimes a few brightly-colored pillows can give a couch or your bed a fresh look; try making some vibrant maritime flag pillows. These are very nautical and are widely available in a multitude of bold colors. Stitch a couple, wrong-side out, and turn right-side out to fill. Stitch up the end by hand or with your machine, and enjoy! (These are also terrific gifts for the sailor in your life!)

Make a rope-wreath. Another way to channel the ocean in your home is with a rope wreath. Use nylon sailing rope to wrap a foam-ring, which you can find at most crafting stores or sites. Glue the end before wrapping, and glue the end when the ring is completely wrapped. Hang on your door or a contrast wall for a nautical flavor.

Paint some buoys. Buy some foam lobster or crab buoys online; these ship fairly-inexpensively as they are very lightweight. Use acrylic paint to draw, design, or print on the sides. Hang these in a carport, on a porch, or in your living space for a unique and authentic coastal style.

Show-off your shells. Do you spend any time at the beach? Start combing the shores and start a shell collection; use a lighted base to display your favorites on a shelf or table in the home. Fill mason jars or glass vases with sand and shells for another clever and cheap accent idea.

Add some sand to your accents. Pick up a package of crafting sand (it is far cleaner than beach-sand for projects). Use it to embellish a frame from a favorite tropical holiday with some glue. Sprinkle sand on the glue and secure shells on the corners for a tropical accent to highlight your favorite photos and memories. sand or shells; use leftover sand to fill a shallow platter to nest your pillars and candles in.

Try these tips to give your home décor a nautical theme or coastal-inspiration. Visit crafting stores to find the supplies you need, or salvage stuff from around your home. Use these ideas and create your own unique nautical accents to bring a beach-vibe and nautical style to your home's spaces!